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Graphic Design

Top Up Year

Schedule / Workload: Full-time. 9 am to 1 pm + autonomous study.

Credits: Level 6 (180 credits)

Application Dates: May to September


In this Top Up Year provided by the School of Art, Design and Fashion of Solent University Southampton, you will have the chance to develop your existing knowledge and expand your creative and technical skills.

A Top Up Year prepares the student to obtain an academic level (BA-Hons) and successfully overcome professional challenges by promoting a fruitful relationship with the community, businesses and institutions.

ETIC encourages talent, expertise and open-mindedness. The student develops creative thinking, so as to tighten opportunities and create possibilities for the actual and future practice contexts.


The time has come to approach Design in a creative way, focused on the current job opportunities. Creativity is not only an abstract thought process, it is also the result of a demanding work methodology. We are presently witnessing the globalization of a mass visual culture and, as a consequence, a growing need for differentiation. Digital media nowadays allows rapid diffusions and implementations, through increasingly complex and effective communication mechanisms. Design must be understood as a modernizing and stimulating instrument for the society. In this Top Up Year, you will have the opportunity to deepen understand the practices of design and develop it as a discipline that promotes new meanings in current social and cultural contexts.

Through the conception of projects in diversified media, it is proposed the development of one’s own artistic language and to acquire knowledge and skills for the new design market. The aim is to train multidisciplinary professionals, capable of increasing their potential and creating new significant solutions for the communication of ideas and concepts.

By joining ventures with Solent University Southampton, at ETIC we welcome to application all the students that completed the 2 years of the HND, or equivalent, and feel the need to go further. This is the place to be. We will be here to support you in this third and thrilling year of our academic journey!


Joana Areal — ETIC Course Leader

Julie Beattie — Solent University Link Tutor 


What will you study

Final Major Project

The Final Major Project provides an opportunity to pursue independent lines of enquiry over an extended time frame. It is also the platform on which students can expand their visual communications skills and develop an appropriate graphic language for their selected subject and outcome. This project forms a major part of the students exit portfolio, and should therefore provide a range of graphic design strategies to help display their knowledge and abilities. The student’s project subject, direction and objectives will be agreed through negotiation with their individual unit tutor. Students will be expected to present their work at formative and summative assessment points in a professional manner. The Final Major Project will be displayed, in part or as a whole, in the end of course exhibition.

ETIC Unit Leader: Joana Areal
Solent University Southampton Unit Leader: Nick Long

Professional Context

This unit concentrates on exposing the student to the professional aspects of graphic design. It is designed to include involvement in live projects where possible and national competitions such as D&AD student awards and the RSA student awards. It should be seen as an opportunity to work to professional standards. Evaluation and critical analysis of project briefs is an important part of the unit as are structuring, planning, timetabling, deadline management, budgeting and client relations. Sustainable Design is also a major consideration.
Preparation for print and print production will aim to resolve issues that arise when taking a project from the design stage through to final print.
As well as paper-based outcomes to project briefs, there will be opportunities for students to apply their design skills to the area of electronic media in this unit. Using techniques learned at Level 5, students would be able to build new media projects for publication in the electronic environment. Research and critical analysis will be used to ensure professional standards.

ETIC Unit Leader: Ana Freitas
Solent University Southampton Unit Leader: Chris Venables

Visual Communication Industry Research Project

This unit will give students the opportunity to gain expert knowledge of a specialist area within their profession. The students’ investigation will enable them to review elements of the social, cultural, and historical implications of the visual communication industry. As the research stage progresses the student will be asked to convert their findings into the most appropriate communication outcomes. The objective will be to bring the skills set of a graphic designer to bear on the research process. Thereby converting several different streams, and types of information, into a cohesive clear communicative form using a variety of means.

ETIC Unit Leader: Ana Palma Silva
Solent University Southampton Unit Leader: Nick Long


Joana Areal

Ana Palma Silva

Ana Freitas


With the participation of invited professionals, thinkers, artists and tutors.


Entry requirements for ETIC Students:

  • Completion of the relevant ETIC HND in Graphic Design with a Pass.
  • Presentation of portfolio.
  • English meets IELTS 6.0 in writing with a minimum of 5.5 in reading, listening and speaking or TOEFL IBT minimum 80 with a minimum of 19 in each individual component or equivalent.

Other candidates who can apply to a top up year:

  • Students who have completed a level 5/120 credits degree.
  • Candidates who show evidence of relevant professional background and significant experience in the area they apply.
  • The same English language entry requirements mentioned above are mandatory for all applicants.

Please contact ETIC’s Admissions Office for further information and detailed application procedures.


Ex-Aluno ETIC:
€600,00 de Inscrição +12 prestações mensais e consecutivas (€437,25)
Ou +14 prestações mensais e consecutivas (€378,57)
pagamento da totalidade do curso (pronto pagamento) – desconto de 5,5%

Novo Aluno:
€600,00 de Inscrição +14 prestações mensais e consecutivas (€416,42)
pagamento da totalidade do curso (pronto pagamento) – desconto de 5,5%

Aluno sem residência fiscal em Portugal:
€600,00 de Inscrição + 30% da totalidade do curso na matrícula (€1,749,00) + 12 prestações mensais e consecutivas (€340,08)
Pagamento da totalidade do curso (pronto pagamento) – desconto de 5,5%

Os preços e condições de pagamento podem sofrer alterações até ao início das inscrições. A abertura de cada curso/turma/horário
está condicionada a um número mínimo de inscrições. A inscrição no horário pretendido é limitada ao número de vagas disponíveis.
O programa do curso inclui aulas sem professor para desenvolvimento de exercícios autónomos. Excecionalmente podem ser
marcadas aulas fora do horário estabelecido para prática intensiva ou para reposição de aulas. As aulas técnicas específicas e/ou
workshops podem ocorrer aos Sábados. A duração de cada aula pode variar em função da sua natureza teórica ou prática. Em aulas
práticas, a turma pode ser dividida em grupos para melhor aprendizagem, respeitando-se sempre a carga horária do curso por
aluno. O programa curricular e o elenco de professores do curso podem ser alterados por razões técnico-pedagógicas ou para
responder de forma mais eficaz aos objectivos propostos.

Para mais informações contacte-nos.

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