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Popular Music Production

Top Up Year

Schedule / Workload: Full-time. 9 am to 1 pm + autonomous study.

Credits: Level 6 (180 credits)

Duration: October-June

Application Dates: 6 January to 16 August (application dates)

Format: Classroom and project classes. It also includes online classes.



In this Top Up Year provided by the School of Media Arts and Technology of Solent University Southampton, you will have the chance to develop your existing knowledge and expand your creative and technical skills.A Top Up Year prepares the student to obtain an academic level (BA-Hons) and successfully overcome professional challenges by promoting a fruitful relationship with the community, businesses and institutions.
ETIC encourages talent, expertise and open-mindedness. The student develops creative thinking, so as to tighten opportunities and create possibilities for the actual and future practice contexts.


Perhaps it was the Music Industry that suffered the most with the digital revolution, where things changed more radically and where the roles of the main agents were rewritten. In order to pursue a professional career in the music Industry – as an artist or a producer, a manager or even a record label exec – the required skills come from a much wider scope of knowledge than ever before. In this Top Up year, you will have real-life professional situations, from assisting in recording studios to delivering material to match client briefings, hand in hand with learning how to manage artistic careers whilst going further into the journey of audio post-production. In addition, you will be asked to deliver an impassionate body of work on a specific subject in the music domain. By joining ventures with Solent University, at ETIC we welcome the application of all students that completed the 2 years of the HND diploma and feel compelled to go further. This is the place to be.


Miguel Angelo — ETIC Course Leader 

As an author, composer, singer, musician and producer, Miguel Angelo has developed a long career in Portugal, with more than 30 years of activity. Huge in the 90’s with the most successful and best-selling pop band in the country, Delfins – with whom he was for 25 years – he’s still recording and performing as a solo artist and with well-known collective Resistência.

João Gomes — ETIC Course Leader 

João Gomes is a musician, music producer, sound engineer and teacher. He spent the 90’s in London playing in bands and working in commercial studios. He’s worked with numerous bands and artists like LX-90, Delfins, Polo Norte, Mazgani, Rita Redshoes and JP Simões.

Toni Diaz — Solent University Southampton Link Tutor




What will you study
Major Project

This unit requires students to undertake a written or practical research project within the broad fields of popular music and sound. It may take a variety of forms (including a written dissertation, business or practical project), and is negotiated with support and feedback from unit tutors who will discuss and approve project proposals. Building up on students’

ETIC Unit Leader: Alexandre Cortez
Solent University Southampton Unit Leader: Dan Pennie

Advanced Music Production

This unit develops core production concepts from level 4 and 5 at an advanced level, and reflects the need for the contemporary producer to organise and oversee projects, as well as exhibit advanced listening and technical skills. Students will design, plan and execute a music or sound training product or service.

ETIC Unit Leader:
Eduardo Vinhas
Solent University Southampton Unit Leader:
Toni Diaz

Music Strategies and Entrepreneurship

This unit provides students with an opportunity to critically reflect and capitalize on their accrued skill-set on their course and in doing so, suggest appropriate career pathways post-graduation. The first part of this unit focuses on assessing the personal knowledge and professional skills required essential to employability in the music and entertainment associated industries and beyond. The second part of the unit addresses entrepreneurial and freelance business approaches, encouraging student autonomy both in and outside the creative arts economy.

ETIC Unit Leader:Paul Rutter
Solent University Southampton Unit Leader: Toni Diaz

Live Project Brief

This unit enables students to put music production and workplace skills into practice by following a brief set by a client. Drawing on and developing skills from previous units, students may achieve the outcomes of the unit in various ways. Clients can be sourced from inside or outside the university, and students will negotiate an appropriate brief with both client and tutor. A key emphasis of the unit is to give students confidence to approach unfamiliar problems by synthesising and developing knowledge, skills and previous experience.

ETIC Unit Leader: Ricardo Ferreira
Solent University Southampton Unit Leader: Toni Diaz

Creative Sound Design

Addressing the issues, conventions and characteristics of fiction or dramatic production through production lectures and workshops, students will further develop their technical craft skills in audio by adapting an existing ‘script’. Students are required to record and embellish their chosen medium with existing and original SF/X and incorporate ambient reinforcement as well as original music. Students will be introduced to a range of stylistic and aesthetic approaches to audio post production values in their chosen medium. Additionally, it will be expected that they critically engage with their chosen media and that their work is informed by analysis of current cultural output and theoretical ideas.

ETIC Unit Leader: José Raposo
Solent University Southampton Unit Leader: Toni Diaz


Alexandre Cortez// Major Project

  • Musician, Cultural Agent, Teacher and a Publisher, Alexandre is also partner and manager of CTL, Cultural Trend Lisbon, owner of venue Musicbox and restaurant POVO, in Cais do Sodré, Lisbon. Partner and manager of CTL, Cultural Trend Lisbon, owner of venue Musicbox and restaurant POVO, in Cais do Sodré, Lisbon.

Eduardo Vinhas// Advanced Music Production

  • Producer and sound engineer at self-owned Golden Pony Studio since 2005. Worked in various projects as a musician and producer (Jaguar, Pop Dell Arte, B-Fachada), and also as a recording, mixing and mastering engineer.

Paul Rutter// Music Strategies and Entrepreneurship

  • Experienced Associate Professor Emeritus, music industries lecturer and HE leader with a demonstrated substantial history of working in the higher education music industry. Skilled in budgeting, large team staff management and cross-collaboration, event planning, course scheme development and HE quality assurance and customer service in Higher Education. Strong MProf industries professional, experienced in music production and music industries content delivery across a variety of music programmes. Music industries author and internationally published songwriter and consultant to the music education sector.

Ricardo Ferreira// Live Project Brief

  • Ricardo is the founder and CEO of Blim Records, since 2005. As a composer, musician and producer of different artists and projects he achieved 20 Platinum and 5 Gold records. Blim Records also has management and Booking departments within. Ricardo started as a producer at NZ Produções, from 1999 to 2005, working in some of the most successful pop music projects in Portugal.

José Raposo// Creative Sound Design

  • Technical Director and Partner at Sound Station Audiovisuais Lda. Responsible for the adaptation, recording and mixing of the promotions of National Geographic Channel in Portugal. Advertising campaigns, sound identity/Acoustic Branding, ADR and dubbing are all subjected, day in day out, to José’s professionalism and rigour.


Entry requirements for ETIC Students:

  • Completion of the relevant ETIC HND in Creative Media Production and in Art & Design with a Pass.
  • English meets IELTS 6.0 in writing with a minimum of 5.5 in reading, listening and speakingor TOEFL IBT minimum 80 with a minimum of 19 in each individual component or equivalent.

Other candidates who can apply to a top up year:

  • Students who have completed a level 5/120 credits degree.
  • Candidates who show evidence of relevant professional background and significant experience in the area they apply.
  • The same English language entry requirements mentioned above are mandatory for all applicants.

Please contact ETIC’s Admissions Office for further information and detailed application procedures.



Ex -ETIC Student:

€600,00 subscription +12 Monthly and consecutive payment (€437,25)

Or + 14 Monthly and consecutive payment (€378,57)

Discounts: cash discounts 5,5% (full course payment)

New Student:

€600,00 de subscription +14 Monthly and consecutive payment (€416,42)

Discounts: cash discounts 5,5% (full course payment)

Student without tax residency in Portugal:

€600,00 subscription  + 30% of the entire course in enrollment (€1,749,00) + 12 Monthly and consecutive payment (€340,08)

Discounts: cash discounts 5,5% (full course payment)


Para mais informações contacte-nos.

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