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For ETIC, the student is the centre of all choices. So, for the school, it’s very important to teach and also to guide the path of all who come here, their evolution as professionals, individuals and citizens. Together, they create a network of creators, thinkers, artists, professionals in the industry that contribute for a positive change in their communities.

André Barros


Graduated in Law, André Barros is an emerging composer nowadays. The self taught musician concluded the Music Production and Creation course on ETIC in 2012, that provided him the tools to produce his work. This summer, ETIC will allow him to roam to Iceland to work in Sigur Rós studio (DaVinci) “Circustances” (2013) was his first album and it got praise from the specialized press. Three more albums followed. His music for the short film “Our Father”, with actor Michael Gross, is the beginning of his flirtation with cinema, winning Los Angeles Independent Film Festival. In New York, he won at the Independent Music Awards with “Leda” (2019). He collaborates with film makers from several countries and with brands like LG, Stihl or Volvo.

Francisco Santos

Video game Artist

I am Francisco Santos and I work professionally as an artist, animator and developer in the video game industry in Lisbon. I studied in the Faculty of Fine Arts of Lisbon, were I graduated in Multimedia Art specialized in the animation field. But, after one year working in the area, I decided to change to the video game industry. To better prepare myself for this change, I took the Animation and Videogame course in ETIC, were I learned how to apply all my knowledge in a new media.
In 2018 my game “Out of the Line” was the winner of the third
edition of Playstation Awards, gaining therefore the support of
Sony. Since then, I have been developing this same game in the
Portuguese company Nerd Monkeys.

Vanessa Teodoro


Vanessa Teodoro is an illustrator and urban artist that lives in
Lisbon. Her academic and professional background in graphic
design and advertisement, as well as her childhood spent in
South Africa, had an important role in the creation of her visual
identity. She has been dedicated exclusively to her art since
2009 and Vanessa has been collaborating with several
renowned international brands like Louis Vuitton, Ritz Hotel,
MTV, Vodafone, Heineken and Jaguar. The artist has a special
taste for participating in street art projects and considers the
challenge of painting great walls of public domain very
gratifying. Her style is defined by a complex battle between
graphic patterns, figurative elements and strong contrasts, all
with a touch of chaos and humour.

Diogo Dias

Graphic Designer

After finishing his path at ETIC, Diogo roamed to Dublin where
he continues to put his passion for craft and design in to
He is a Senior Graphic Designer at Rothco creative agency and
searches daily for authenticity, as well as the brands purpose
through creativity.
One part of the client’s portfolio he works with, you can find
international brands such as: Nissan, AIB Bank, Powers, Three
Mobile, Jameson, Kellogg’s, Tesco.
His attention to detail allows him to explore the branding,
editorial design, packaging, typography, art and illustration
direction areas. The quality of his work was recognized by some
prestigious design (Clio Awards), creativity (Cannes Lions
International) and inovation (Fast Co Awards) awards.

Francisco Romão

Young Film Maker

Francisco Romão is a young film maker that began his studies
in film and television in England. It was in this country that he
finished a course in “Creative Media Production” focused on
film and television. While living there, he participated in several
short films, multi camera events, festivals and an indie feature
film. After this course, he came back to Lisbon and chose ETIC
to continue his studies. He completed an HND in film and
television and it made him more aware of his preference for the
film making, editing, camera operation and photography
direction functions. At the moment he is gaining experience as
a producer of a children tv serie for RTP2 because he believes
that it is important to have a complete overview of all the

André Szankowski

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Diretor de Fotografia

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