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Maria João Pica, Isis Pinto and João Costa, participants in Erasmus + Projects promoted by ETIC, were selected to be part of the EuroApprentices 2020 Network, with ETIC being one of the two schools with the largest number of selected.

The EuroApprentices initiative came about with the objective of creating a European network of contacts, made up of ex-trainees from the Vocational Education and Training (VET) sector who have made mobility within the Erasmus + Program, encouraging them to work together, nationally and internationally, to encourage other colleagues to take advantage of the opportunities of the Erasmus + program, sharing their mobility learning experiences abroad and the benefits of it, both personally and professionally.
Those selected will have training organized by ANE + EF and participate in the Annual Meeting of EuroApprentices, in May 2020, in Helsinki. The objective of this Meeting is to bring together all the EuroApprentices selected by the National Agencies in different countries, in order to share their individual success stories of mobility abroad, meet other European trainees and reinforce their identity as a European Network of colleagues.
This is a unique opportunity for our students to continue their experience and share it with pride, representing ETIC and the National Agency Erasmus + Education and Training.


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