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    Courses Higher NationalS

    The Higher Nationals Courses are courses from the British education system, given by Pearson BTEC – Business Technology Educational Council.

    An HND Course, with a 2 year duration, has a curricular programme made of theoretical and practical subjects and offers the necessary competences to start a professional career.

    The students obtain a Level 5 course, correspondent to 120 ECTS, and a diploma recognized internationally in an academic and professional level. More than 100 countries acknowledge the HND Courses, amongst these are: The United Kingdom, The USA, Canada, Germany, Australia, Spain, France, The Netherlands, Ireland, Italy, Czech Republic and Brazil.

    The HND courses allow the progression to higher education studies with the conclusion of 1 more curricular year, the Top Up Year. This way, the students obtain the B.A academic degree. (Bachelor of Arts) of level 6 / 180 ECTS.

    Top Up Year from Solent University at ETIC.

    The students that concluded a Higher Nationals and obtained a level 5 Course/120 ECTS, can proceed with their studies and enrol on a Top Up year from Solent University ministered at ETIC. With the conclusion of the school year, they obtain the BA academic degree (Hons) — Bachelor of Arts, a level 6/180 credits British higher education diploma.

    The Top Up Year courses from Solent University at ETIC consist of the curricular programs from Solent University and the diploma is given by this university.
    Students that concluded the 2nd year Higher Nationals course on ETIC or concluded the 2nd year of a higher education course, completing a level 5 course/120 ECTS, can enrol.

    Professionals that show relevant levels of expertise and experience in the area they are applying for can also enrol.

    Certified knowledge of the English language is necessary

    Courses ETIC

    ETIC courses have different durations, from workshops to a school year, with technical subjects, theoretical and a project. Students have a learning experience that is in track with the labour market reality and are challenged for real projects for brands, companies and institutions.

    The aim of ETIC Courses is to bring the training closer to the professional reality through a realistic learning. The training is based on project development, together with theoretical knowledge. Since the beginning of the course, the student explores, experiments and practices his future profession, supported by a close bond with teachers and tutors.

    In ETIC courses, students can practise their learning in real contexts and situations. In events, festivals, gatherings, they have the opportunity to implement concepts, to make, edit, produce, take photos, film, animate.

    ETIC students participate in events and festivals where they practice, gain experience, create professional networks and contacts. Some exemples:


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