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Communication Design and Multimedia

Higher Nationals + TOP UP YEAR (1 YEAR)

Duration: 2 YEARS - 1.010 hours

Dates: October to July

Schedule: Mon, Fri / 9 am -1 pm or 2 pm -6 pm

Participants: 8 - 16 students

Language: Portuguese

Format: Project classes on location. Including online classes.


With a strong creative component, the course proposes challenges for the definition of an artistic personal language, rather in cultural intervention projects, social projects or commercial projects.

From methodology to the creation process, from planning to practical consolidation, the student amplifies his creative potential with multidisciplinary work in the Graphic Design, Motion Design, Video, Visual Arts, Photography and Web Design areas. The student gets in touch with the professional reality, developing integrated communication objects for events or organizations and will build innovative strategies in the configuration of his professional profile.

3rd Year - TOP UP YEAR



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