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the school

ETIC is a school that runs courses in the creative industries, unique in Lisbon, based on years of teaching experience, where students, teachers, creators, artists, professionals in the field, work together to teach, learn and train.


the vision

The school was born in 1991, from the founding vision of Manuela Carlos, from her permanent unrest, uneasy, curious and innovating spirit. Her humanistic vocation, her ability to dream and practical sense, together with her affective and passionate devotion, created ETIC’s educational project, where the student is the centre of all options.

the method

At ETIC, the method used is learning by doing. The educational approach goes beyond academic knowledge, developing critical thinking, the ability to overcome challenges, as well as the development of technical skills.

The guidelines for the project allow the combination of the competences that the school values: technique, creativity, personal development and the student’s professional career, in an environment where freedom, speech and autonomy rule.

The teachers are recognized professionals in their areas of expertise and teach with great proximity to the students, guiding them in their projects, allowing experimentation, risk, boldness and demanding rigorous work and commitment from the student.

the equipment

To provide the student’s rigorous path, the school is a state-of-the art institution, with top equipment and technological resources, which students have daily access, during school time or for curricular projects. The students use the School as their workspace, their studio, their atelier, the place where they can create freely.

the city

The school is in the heart of the city of Lisbon, by the riverside, between Cais do Sodré and Santos. It’s a shifting area, where the old city meets the contemporary vibe, new companies, people from all over, artists, creators, specialized stores, night life and restaurants. ETIC has this centrality to the city, to life, to the world. Not just by its place in the city, but also for its international partnerships.

the credibility

ETIC is certified by PEARSON BTEC – Business and Technology Education Council, the biggest certifying entity of study programs in the world, that grants the Higher Nationals. They are recognized courses, in an academic and professional level, in more than 90 countries and open the doors to an international career.

ETIC provides its students the possibility to progress to higher leveled education studies with international recognition. In partnership with SOLENT UNIVERSITY SOUTHAMPTON, it ministers the Top Up Year courses. from this prestigious university. on ETIC, for obtaining B.A diplomas. Hons. (Bachelor of Arts).

ETIC is certified by DGERT – Direção-Geral do Emprego e das Relações de Trabalho. Being a certified training institution means that its procedures and practices are in accordance with a specific quality referential for education.

the labour market

The straight connection with the real world, with companies and institutions, the proximity of the school’s environment to the reality of the work environment completes the school’s educational project, that guides the student, now a professional, on his first connections to the labour market.

The advantage of this method and creative freedom are unique. The student’s individual preparation makes him aware of a complex, challenging and constantly changing world, in which he will be able to participate, as a professional and a critical and fair citizen.

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