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    Creativity with responsibility

    That is the school’s sustainability and innovation proposal. The project ETIC4GOOD proposes to look at climate changes, social and economic inequality, gender inequality and, through the challenges, create and make a difference.

    In 2015, UN released the 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDG), with the objective of accomplishing each one of them by 2030. This commitment was made in a global level and it reaches all, individually and collectively, in all kinds of organizations: countries, cities, enterprises – and mainly schools.

    ETIC Education Group, as a training institution for future professionals, wants to assume its commitment for the collective future. The commitment starts with a look at the SDG, an analysis of each goal’s impact, what that can be done, what the responsibility is.

    All the school’s community is involved in ETIC4GOOD, counting with the support of specialists. The objectives of sustainable development are the basis of all the projects created in school

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