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The Fashion area from the annual ETIC courses on Fashion production and Styling & Make Up is celebrating!

The works from the Photo shoot Section Project from both courses were selected by the teacher and Fashion Stylist/Editor Simonne Doret to be published at the online magazine PARQ.

The students worked on real life context, with models from Karacter Agency and Da Banda Model Managment and adapted the academic exercise to the reality and image of PARQ.

We are proud of the teamwork and fantastic production!

Read article:

Photography: João Paulo.

Production Beatriz Felix and Sofia Carvalho.
Stylist: Maria Martins, Make Up Maria Taveira.

Production: Sara Meleças and Melissa Nascimento.
Stylist and Make up: Adriana Preciado and Adriana Martin.

Producer and stylist: Marisa Filipe and Maria Jacob.
Make up and Hairstylist: Ana Correia and Beatriz Oliveira.

Producers: Carolina Melo and Catarina Van den Avyle.
Styling: Margarida do Carmo.
Make up: Maria Joana Cerdeira.

Producer and stylist: Filipa Nogueira, Helen Michelin.
Make up: Inês Venâncio and Inês Joana Santana.
Hairstylist: Inês Santana.

Producer and Stylist: Marisa Filipe and Maria Jacob.

Producer and stylist: Jaqueline Gomes and Margarida Almendra.
Make up: Catarina Lúcio and Carolina Bandeira.

Producer and stylist: Andreia Valente, Bárbara Santiago and Micaela Pedro.
Make up: Mariana Camacho.

Producer Andreia Matos.
Styling and make up: Sílvia Silva and Sara Amaro.

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