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A panel of incredible professionals of the music industry were at ETIC online with all the 2nd year students of the Musical Production and Creation course:
Benjamim // author, performer and producer.
MOMO. // Marcelo Frota, Brazilian author and performer.
Davide Pinheiro // journalist, programmer and DJ.

The group participated on several online sessions, invited by the course’s Coordinator Miguel Angelo to listen, analyse and give feedback to the work and projects of the Production and Musical Creation Higher Nationals course’s finalists.

The students presented their EP, sources of inspiration, videos or performances and described where and how the production was made. They got feedback and also got compliments:
“You’re almost at the level of a Samuel Úria” – said the performer and author Benjamim to one of the students. Davide Pinheiro also pointed out the originality of the concept of a student that produced his musical project based on sounds of endangered animals’
species. Even the DJ’s cat showed up on camera, maybe as a sign of “good luck!” (the session happened through Zoom platform). Marcelo Frota (Momo) gave a lot of composition tips and loved some voices.

There’s room for improvement, obviously. The guests encouraged all to leave their
comfort zone on an acoustic level and also on “artwork”, so that they could go even
further. That’s the purpose of this 2nd year course’s unit, “Creative Portfolio”, in which
students get relevant feedback from professionals of their future professional area.

Benjamim interacting with the panel.

Momo giving feedback to a student.

Davide Pinheiro.

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