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    Support, Internships and Work

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    Throughout learning, the school brings the student closer to the professional environment, frequently organizing talks and master classes with specialists and the best professionals in each area.

    The School has a department that is responsible for the professional integration of the students. According to professional supply, disclosures are made to the students that gather the conditions requested and that present the profile that the companies are looking for.

    For that, the school maintains constant contact with enterprises and entities that want to integrate new professionals through internships, collaborations for occasional events or permanent job offers.

    The candidates are selected amongst students that, throughout their schooling path, present the best grades and show a responsible, participative and differential attitude. The offers are also announced at ETIC’s Bolsa de Emprego and on the Facebook page of the Professional Integration Department.

    At ETIC, internships are not mandatory. However, in the end of the course, it’s given the possibility for all the students to apply for one in accordance to the fulfilment of certain demands.


    ETIC assigns an amount of 10.000€ in training scholarships for the admission in one of the courses. The objective is to support those that show financial difficulties and show determination to pursue a career in which it’s important to take a course in ETIC.

    Candidates should read the specific regulations available in the enrolment period.

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