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Some like Photography, others like Gaming, others even like Cinema, Music, Fashion or Design, but there’s one trait that binds them: their passion for the creative areas.
They arrive full of expectations and willing to make their dreams come true. At ETIC, they look for experience and professional practise in these areas, quality in their education and also the family-like environment that characterizes the school.

INTEGRATION and HOSPITALITY were the keywords for everyone this first week.

The students that have chosen the Higher National Diploma courses and will stay in ETIC for 2 years, approached the study programme along with the coordinators and teams of teachers. They talked about their paths, likes and expectations and, as such, got to know each other better.

The objective being to face the upcoming challenges as a team, the students participated in several activities: “Mission Impossible”: a set of 15 tasks to be made in under 15 minutes that included making a human pyramid out of 7 people and the “What kind of team player are you?” challenge, where each group, with limited resources, had to use their creativity and communication skills to overcome the challenge.

For the students that have chosen an annual ETIC course there were moments of exchange and knowledge, as well as “How to survive ETIC” sessions made specially for their social and functional integration. The answers to “Who is who at ETIC?”, “Where can I get help?”,” What is an Erasmus + Internship?” were given by ETICs staff and in the end there was a snack and interaction amongst all.

Students made a tour to the two school’s buildings and got to know the new multimedia studio, a unique technological project in Portugal: it gathers virtual scenography and real time motion capture.

Everything Is Now.
Learn. Do. Create.
BEGIN HERE Get Everywhere.
Dare To Try.