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To Learn how to prevent forest fires is the main idea of the video game created by a team of ETIC students – Luís Oliveira, Luís Patrício and Catarina Esperança. In an educational way, it raises awareness and alerts the youngsters to the great issue of fires, promoting good behaviours for prevention and for fire fighting. CHAMA conveys the idea of what is like to go through a tragic situation and the attitude to have on a fire. According to RTP3, Nintendo and Playstation have already shown interest in this educational video.

Luís Oliveira is natural of Mação and has been living with the drama of forest fires since an early age. To create the game with the necessary seriousness and accuracy, the students went to the village of Mação to get eyewitnesses reports and document the several spaces as a way to create the design and art of the levels in a informal way. Luís Oliveira, Luís Patrício and Catarina Esperança concluded the Higher Nationals Course in Animation and Video games.

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